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Core Values

Our Mission Statement

We will evangelize the Gospel of Christ by Reaching the Lost, Loving People, Teaching the Word of God, Giving to our Community, and Abiding in the Love of Christ.

Core Values


Global Missions

We will support global missionaries financially and prayerfully as they surrender to their call from God to reach the lost with the Gospel of Christ in other nations.

Local Community

We will actively participate in acts of service to our local community that meet the physical and spiritual needs of those around us.


Welcome to The Brook

Our church is a welcoming and safe environment for all who come to us. We live to ensure ALL God's children are welcome at His house.

Connected Community

We create ministries and activities designed to connect to each other. Through Biblically-based teachings, and trustworthy actions, we love each other with the truth of God's Word even if it's not what they want to hear.


Unapologetic Adherence to the Word of God

Without compromise, we stand strong on what the Bible says and act in accordance with it. From the pulpit, in our classrooms, to our activities in the community, we will follow and live according to the guidance of The Word.


We are committed to providing instruction and guidance to our body and the community we live in. Biblical instruction is guided by providing resources on how to live in the footsteps of Jesus. This education will equip the saints to be able to GO out and create disciples in their spheres of influence.



Our church and its members are committed to giving of our first fruits as commanded in the Word. We will faithfully give of our financial resources towards the values we hold dear.

Talents & Time 

As one body in Christ, with many parts, we will dedicate ourselves to using the gifts God has bestowed upon us to serve our common purpose as a church. We will set aside time  to cheerfully give and serve others.


Shadow of the Almighty

There is no safer place in the world than when we abide in our Saviors arms. We commit ourselves to the study of the Bible and regular prayer to ensure that we are holding true to what God has for our lives.


We commit ourselves to the continuous study of the Word of God so that we are intentionally building up our own faith to equip ourselves to represent our Savior to the world.

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