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John Gordon

Associate Pastor

I was born in Charlotte NC on 03/31/72. I grew up in Concord NC and graduated from North West Cabarrus High in 1990. My wife Kimberly Gordon also graduated from NorthWest that same year. We were married in 1992 and started a family. We have 4 children.


I was raised in a Christian home under godly parents where a pattern of regular church attendance was established. Growing up I had a “head knowledge” of what Christ had done for me, but it wasn’t until my early 30’s that the Lord brought me to a “heart knowledge.”

In 2007 Kim and I started ChristCanMinistries, a helps ministry that tries to look after the needs of missionaries, lower income pastors, or those in the ministry who may be struggling. 

This ministry continues today and has been able to help meet the needs of many in the mission field. 

The Lord placed a burden on my heart to minister to His people, to serve, and to teach. In 2021 I surrendered to the Holy Spirits call to pastor.


In November 2021 the Brook Church ordained me into the office of Pastor where I count it a privilege to serve.

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